Belongas Bay Exploration Trip

Belongas Bay Exploration Trip

14 Nov 11:00 - 20 Nov 14:00 - Amed
Two Fish Tech


Change of dates - now moved to November 2018!

Following on from our November 2017 trip, this is another chance to explore the reefs of Belongas Bay, including the famous 'Magnet'. Whilst we're outside of hammerhead season, the water is calmer, making deco diving possible, including untouched reefs, large white tips, sea snakes, eagle rays and so much more. Realistically, we'll only have short windows of opportunity here to dive before and after the main season as that's when it's calm enough, so this is your chance!

You need to be an experienced technical diver to a minimum of 55 m. We are currently considering offering a Trimix option, too.

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