EMPOWERED MIND BODY BALANCE - Yoga and Meditation Retreat (Bali)

EMPOWERED MIND BODY BALANCE - Yoga and Meditation Retreat (Bali)

28 Nov 07:00 - Badung
Kubudiuma Villas Bali


Yoga and Meditation Retreat (Bali)

29th Nov - 5th December 2018

Kubudiuma Villa

Put in simple terms Yoga means Union. This Yoga and meditation retreats will give you the space for your body and mind to come back to itself, reconnect and re-balance.

The aim of this retreat is to re-balance your body and mind in gentle and easy ways. And yoga is not all about having a good stretch. It's actually a full holistic system which you will discover over the weekend.

Yoga is meditation of the body for connection with mind. This retreat is designed specifically for those who want to reconnect with themselves and enhance their body-mind connection through movement, posture, breathing, meditation, chanting, learning and self reflection.

The classes are designed for everyone from complete beginners to those that have some experience with yoga. This is not a workout weekend, but the space to take time out and become aware of who you are, and reconnect.

Only when you are centered, balanced and tuned in can you expect to have the strength to support yourself, your loved ones and all those you come in contact with.

Taking time for ourselves is a priority not often taken - but the benefits to ourselves and others can be endless.


What's will learn and experience:

We will be focus on each chakra at a time working from the base up using all of the techniques below and much more...

- Yoga Asana
- Understanding Ayurvedic Nutrition and Healing
- Deeper understanding of poses
- Yoga Philosophy
- Breathing Techiques
- Chanting
- Energy Healings
- Deep Meditation Techiques
- Advanced philosophy of Chakras
- Understanding the Secret Language of the Human Body
- The Mind and Body Connection
- Understanding the Nadis Energy Systems
- Discovering Subtle Energy Bodies
- The Cycle of Birth and Death
- Awaking of Kundalini Explained
- Understanding the Pineal Gland and opening your Third Eye
- Vegetation Food and Teas Provided
(Foods will also be in alignment with each Chakra we are working on)

What is included:
- Accommodation (8 night accomodation - starting on the 28th of Nov)
*extra nights available at extra cost)

- Daily Yoga Asana - (all levels)

- Breakfast, Lunch and Dinners Daily (vegetarian)

- 2 x 1 hr recovery massages

- Touring
1. Including Cycling tour,
2. Rice Field and Village Day,
3. Waterfall and Temple Treck and cleansing,
4.Volcano Sunrise Treck

- Daily Interactive workshops covering an in depth yoga philosophy, breathing techniques, mediation practices and much much more.

- Energy Healing and Cleasing Experience

- Free Time to Relax and Explore

- Celebration Dinner Out on last night

Total Cost of this All Inclusive Action Packed 7 day Retreat


$1999 (early bird rate) - deposit paid before 1/12
$2200 - deposit paid after 1/12

YOU CAN SAVE $100pp if you join with or refer a friend*

Flights with Jetstar are about $300 return from Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth. (Currently Nov 2018 prices)

Deposit to save your spot is only $99 per person and the remainder of the investment must be paid before retreat.

Payment plans available at as low as $20 per week.*

Limited to 10 people only.

Hoping you can join us in beautiful Bali to reconnect with you

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