Goddess Rejuvenation Retreat - Bali

Goddess Rejuvenation Retreat - Bali

22 Oct 15:00 - 27 Oct 18:00 - Bali
Bali, Indonesia

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Goddess Rejuvenation retreat to Bali

A journey to a deep remembering of who we are.

Do you want to go deeper into self-love and self-care?
Are you ready for deep indulging in a loving embrace of like-minded women
Are you ready to take a few more steps outside your comfort zone to grow and blossom.
Are you ready to give yourself a great life changing gift?

Are you ready for a retreat that will leave you feeling rejuvenated , deeply connected , deliciously indulged, and joyously empowered?

Join me on this life enriching retreat in paradise.

Imagine yourself breathing , not like you normally breath but really breathing. The kind of breathing that rejuvenates every cell in your body. After an inspiring day of empowerment, dance , deep love and delicious healthy food you are watching the sun set in the ocean. You feel alive, tingling with joy and you know yourself seen and loved. You connected to your true potential and feel the way opening to manifest your dreams into reality.

You are on BAli, with a group of like minded sisters who help, love and support you on your journey to a live you love, in a body that you appriciate.

A 6 day retreat
While we be indulging in all Bali has to offer this will also be an empowering, transforming and life-changing experience.
During the day we offer a program that is designed to immerse you into self-love and overcoming blockages that are keeping you from living the life you want to live. And of course a joyful celebration of sisterhood.

A few highlights :

Wild Womb Wisdom
Learn To love , trust and honor your body.
Bring movement to your body and into your life
Celebrate your uniqueness
Rebuild your trust with other women
Empowered Vulnerability
Authentic Presence
Leadership over your own life
Welcome your emotions in open awareness
Sacred initiation ceremony
Medicine Dance
Sacred Song Circle
Fire Ceremony



When: 22-27 October 2018
Where: Bali!

797,- If you register before Feb. 11
897 if you register before April 1st
AfterApril 1st the price will be 1277,-

Payment plans.

5 terms of 165,-

-Professional guidance by Margo Awanata
-Healthy Vegan Meals
-Sleeping Accommodation
- transport from the airport

- Awaken Women online training




About Margo Awanata

Margo has worked since 2003 as a facilitator in self development and female empowerment for groups and individuals, bringing women together as equals, as family, as sisters. While working in a group, she promotes the forging of the bond of sisterhood, for women should not envy or compete each other, but empower each other.

She deeply cares for all women, encouraging them to live their full potential, aiding them in relishing their right of existence, trusting in the course of life, loving their bodies and expressing who they want to be and who they really are.
Live and experience your life fully! Feel the love that composes all life! Never be a victim and take full responsibility for your life! Those are some of the lessons she has learned and now strives to pass on to others.

She’s expert in holding space for anyone participating to feel completely safe and grounded. This opens the way to truly feeling one's own self, both strengths and vulnerabilities, and daring to bring yourself forth to open yourself for all that life can offer you.

In her workshops, she stimulates women to delve within themselves to find a true source of wisdom and primal power. While accessing these, old wounds can be healed and insecurities overcome.

Margo is a warm and passionate woman with a fiery heart. She dances wildly and encourages others to join this dance of life

In 2013 she facilitated retreats and workshops for Wild Woman Sisterhood and later for Wild Sisters.


"Meeting Margo at a recent retreat called Shed Your Layers was simply life-changing. I've never encountered such beauty in combination with a breadth of love and compassion for each and every person. Margo is the embodiment of the Earth Mother through the ages. She lifts us up, shares herself so completely, and moves us all toward our best selves. You will hear her words echo in your soul far beyond any retreat you attend. It WILL change you; it WILL free you in ways you cannot imagine"
Karyn Raman
Special Education Teacher

I have completely found myself this weekend . This retreat has taken me to such a deep level, it will definitely impact the depth of my work"
Carin Rockind
Author, Speaker, Coach

"Margo is an exquisite role model and
an Empowering Guide"

Mae Belteyn
Author, Teacher, Ritualist

"Attending the Awakening Women training is changing my life. I have felt this layer of constraint around me. I didn't know how to access my inner wild woman, but she is coming out now and it is glorious! I am coming home to my body, my sensuality, my joy. Coming home to me and coming home in sisterhood.
Margo is awesome at what she does. She creates a safe, loving place where transformations are happening. As a qualified therapist myself, I am very impressed. She is very knowledgeable and attuned . Margo is an authentic awesome woman, whom I feel very blessed to know.
If you feel called to attend to any of her retreats or workshops, do yourself a favor and go"
Ellen Aranya

"Margo, does such an amazing job at explaining, giving you space and helping you to own this space. She does an even more wonderful job at giving you the faith and trust to let raw emotions be seen. If you ever come across a chance to participate in one of her events, drop everything you do , and go do it. You'll be changed and thankful afterwards"
Bara Cerna

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