The Devotional Woman

The Devotional Woman

15 Oct 12:00 - 21 Oct 12:00 - Bali
Bali, Indonesia

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A devotional woman is a woman who honors her feminine. She is gentle and strong, loving and fierce, embodied and alive...she is devotional to her path of liberation.

A 6 module online program and seven day retreat in exotic Bali,
this offering is to provide women with the tools needed to deepen into the unique feminine expression and power that every woman holds within.

The devotional woman supports you to love being in your body and open to the expansive experience of your feelings.

DEVOTION is a foundation of the feminine tantric way of life.

Devotion to self, Devotion to other, Devotion to lover, Devotion to your sisters & Devotion to the earth.

Through sisterhood, sensuality, movement, meditation and ritual, the devotional woman is a haven for discovering the uniqueness of your woman and the power of your feminine wisdom's.


- 6 incredible topic's to explore each month to deepen your connection to your feminine

- Guided by Shaney and her team month by month to activate your feminine powers in your day to day lives

- 6 magic rituals for each module

- Virtual circles and sisterhood bonding

- A retreat in Bali worth $3,700au (oct 2018)


- Develop your subtle sensitivity for greater and deeper pleasure & orgasmic experiencing

– Through movement unlock old patterning and habits freeing up space to create new pathways of sensing and feeling

– Release shame you hold around your body, your sexuality and your sensual erotic nature

- Explore the power of the evolved female body

- Learn about the vast array of orgasmic experiences available to you

- Release sexual and ancestral trauma

- Techniques for emotional processing

- Feminine embodiment processes and rituals

- Explore your feminine yang

- Meet your dark feminine within

- Heal your sisterhood wound

- Leave with a tool kit of feminine healing practices and rituals


The Devotional Woman is for every woman. It needs to be. I never thought I a survivor of early sexual trauma, would be able to take part in exploring my sexuality like i did at the devotional woman. And yet I did and am so much lighter and joyous for it. The space Shaney and her team provide is scared, powerful and so very safe. The exploration is rich and entirely self paced. My boundaries were received with respect and support and I was allowed to find my own edges and be entirely empowered in my experience. A thousand times thank you.
– Karen

Wow, what can I say, there are really no words to describe all the emotions and the experience of the devotional woman.
The experience was magical.
It was deep, primal, raw and at times pushed me to the edge of my comfort zone, yet at the same time powerful, sensual and empowering, and the energy of love in the room was so palpable!
This experience has been the start of a life changing journey of self-discovery, one which I intend to continue on.
You are a true inspiration to all women Shaney. You radiate love, wisdom, sensuality and eroticism, in a completely humble way.
I absolutely highly recommend this to every woman who is open to a truly amazing experience.
– Tanja

Woah, this weekend was potent medicine! I am still feeling its effects unfolding as i write this, catalyzing and shifting old patterns, making space for my feminine radiance to emanate more fully and bringing me into deeper embodiment. Shaney is a very skilled facilitator and i felt very held and safe in the space she created. It was clear that she really lives and embodies this work and that holding space comes very naturally to her. Such gratitude and joy for this body of work, the sisters who came on the journey and to Shaney for creating the space.
– Skye

online STARTING April 15 2018
retreat October 15-21 2018


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