8 day Retreat

8 day Retreat

30 Nov 14:00 - 07 Dec 21:00 - Denpasar
Intercontinental Hotel Bali Jimbaran


This retreat is the most powerful program that we offer. It is where massive transformation and healing takes place! The retreat is life changing and from our experience running retreats and helping many clients HEAL – this is what we know for sure ….

When you attend our retreats:

♥ You will have decreased levels of pain
♥ You will feel refreshed and rejuvenate
♥ You will have knowledge and understanding about your body
♥ You will have more energy
♥ You will sleep better

♥ You will start to live life through a transformed body
♥ You will have greater flexibility and movement
♥ You will know your purpose and passion
♥ You can have a NEW AND HEALED BODY!

It is TIME for YOU!
This is the opportunity to prioritise YOU!
You get to relax and know that this time has been created especially for you.
Your body will have many hours of healing.
You will understand why you feel why you do and what your symptoms mean.
You will be nurtured, cared for and looked after.
Everything has been set up so you can relax, surrender and enjoy and get to know yourself again.
Your body will start to feel more flexible.
You will experience a gentle cleanse full of nutrients to FEED your cells.
This is your time and it is ALL ABOUT YOU.

You will be pampered in so many ways
Your body starts to melt and the tension starts to drop away from your body.
Your body will HEAL

What’s Included
Over 40 hours of intense healing
Morning yoga or movement sessions
Days filled with body work and healing sessions
Daily education and teachings
Cleanse your body with juices
Breathe Work
Variety of healing methods to assist your body
Body – work and therapy
Cooking class and demonstrations
Experience some of Bali’s magic and healing
Personal coaching with Carli
Body transformation
Amazing crew and healers to support you!
Healing adventures
Spa and Pampering experiences

My Commitment To You

Your whole spine will completely function and operate differently after working with me.

Meaning you will wake up in the morning and start your day with more balance and ease. Your body will feel strong, flexible and healthy – things will feel easier and balanced. You will be more flexible and full of energy.

You will know how to interpret what your body is trying to tell you.

Join us! Reserve your spot today as there are limited spaces available

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