A Journey to Spiritual Healing 7 Days Retreat

A Journey to Spiritual Healing 7 Days Retreat

19 Oct 06:00 - 25 Oct 16:00 - Gianyar
Bumi Ubud Resort

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"When layers of dimensions is your playgrounds, your job is not to live in one of them, nor to be drunk by the lights. Worship the physical body you live in, it is your temple. You need to create the balance and harmony inside your temple, then the potions for the foundations of the wisdom appears stronger each time, the sacred knowledges derive as a gift for you from the universe for your patience, hard work and humbleness."

This retreat is for everybody who is interested in spiritual growth journey and connecting with the higher source to find the self-purpose and to explore energies and healing abilities. This is for people experiencing things outside the logic, for those who are starting or thinking to start the spiritual journey, for some who receive calls, and especially for light workers and healers.

The retreat provides a set of guidances about being present, grounded and clear before serving others. Disciplines given will be on learning and exercising areas around protection and how to achieve it, about ability to maintain and hold the space & energy: to build a strong foundation to receive knowledge and wisdom, to have a real connection with their own power and the higher source.

The disciplines given will exercise basic questions and guidances on these areas:
• Daily Morning Movement
• Daily Breathing Practice
• Daily Meditation
• Self-acknowledgment, Self-discovery
• Building foundations to connect with universal
knowledge, energy & higher source
• Healer and Guidance Acknowledgement
• Protection and Holding The Space
• Chakra
• Energy and Body Scanning
• Exploring Self-Knowledge & Power
• Exploring Healing Ability

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