A Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

A Yin Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

13 Oct 13:30 - 20 Oct 08:30 - Gianyar
Komune Resort, Bali


Immerse yourself in a week long luxury Meditation and yoga Retreat
13th - 20th October 2018.

Payment plans available
Beach side Location
Learn the fundamentals of Mindfulness during this retreat and how to incorporate into your daily life

Join Monique Leverington from Synergy Yoga and Pilates on the stunningly beautiful Eastern seaboard of the Island of Bali for 8 days of Mindfulness (MBSR - Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) sessions and Yin Yoga.

During this retreat intensive we will incorporate the 30 hours from the 13th till the 20th as Miindfulness presentations through yoga and workshops (as part of the 8 week program offered by Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical Centre). We will spend 3 x hours per day in mindfulness sessions and yoga/yin or flow, session 7 is a day retreat, applying all the techniques we have learnt during the week. We begin with morning yoga and mindfulness at 7 am, breaking twice during the day and finishing at 7pm that evening. Our farewell dinner ata 8 pm.
• Each morning we will practice yoga, yin or yang style and incorporate mindful practices 7:30-9 ;00am to set our daily intentions and practice movement on the mat (in one of the resorts yoga studios, beach side or jungle)
• Each afternoon evening we will focus on our workshops from 4-6:30 pm daily – Friday , session 7 is our day retreat. We will practice everything we have learnt and immerse ourselves in a blissful day of mindful meditation, movement, awakening to our senses.

Your teacher Monique Leverington is passionate about teaching and guiding people in the art of yoga and healing. Yoga has been part of Monique’s life for past 10 years and she loves the way it has given her space, time and compassion towards herself and others. Yoga is her life and Monique hopes to extend the same joy that yoga has provided her to others. Monique is feeling very excited to be offering her 4th International Yoga retreat and is looking forward to being your guide and facilitator, mentor and friend on this journey.

Monique owner of the Studio Synergy Yoga and Pilates (est. 2012) is qualified in both Yoga and Pilate’s, Mindfulness and Meditation. She has also studied Ayurveda, Kids and Family yoga and Vinyasa Resotrative and Yin Yoga / Yin and yang Yoga, myofascia release techniques and manual therapies such as Thai Yoga Massage, Pre and Post Natal Yoga and now specialising in MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction training with the endorsed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and UMASS – University of Medicine Massachusetts). Monique completes her training this year in June with Solterreno Mindful Academy in Spain and is very excited to be offering the first of Many Mindfulness Immersion Retreats in an Intensive format as well as in the class 8 week session at her Studio in Glenelg, South Australia.

Why Mindfulnesss?
Mindfulness is about waking up to what is happening in this present moment. During your stay we will cover the 8 sessions of the MBSR course in an intensive format. We will include mindful movement everyday in the form of yin yoga and or flow yoga, go for mindful walks and practice mindful movement. In 1979 Jon Kabat Zinn founded the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University of Massachusettes to bring about a form of meditation known as mindfulness that stems from the ancient old practices of Buddhism and adapted the precepts into modern day practices that are achievable and easy to implement into our daily lives.
• Mindfulness can help with reducing stress, anxiety and depression
• Mindfulness can assist us to pay attention to what is happening in our lives so we have a greater awareness of what is actually happening in the NOW
• Providing you with skills to take better care of self and exploring and understanding the interplay of mind an body, mental events and building on resilience for everyday life.
• 3 decades of scientific research that has shown that these evidence based practices do work if applied to our lives over an 8 week period and continue to do so by changing neuroplasticity and brain structures, mood and mental endurance capacity.

Monique uses her previous work /life experiences in Adult teacher training and Counselling to assist her with her yoga practice and guidance. Monique has had the pleasure and honor to be trained by Jo Phee and Maty Ezraty as well as Sarah Powers,Patrick Beach and Carling Harps, Heather Agnew from Yoga Trinity, Melanie McLaughlin from the Yinspace. Bodhin Woodward from the Solterreno Academy and Malcom Huxter Clinical Psychologist and Author. Monique has over 1200 hours in Yoga, Pilates and Mindfulness teacher training.

Each yoga session will draw on an intention, building on our knowledge of yogic philosophies and providing an integration of the yama’s and niyamas into our mindful movement sessions. We will be deepening our yoga practice daily yoga ‘asana’, mindfulness techniques that will allow us to focus on our connection with mind/body watching mental events, providing a deeper connection with the present state we are in, the state of being rather than doing. Watching and attending to the turnings of the mind. We will discover the heart of yoga and mindfulness and the benefits of practicing mindfulness daily. This will be a key focus and intention behind the retreat. To awaken consciousness from a universal perspective and let go of thoughts and memories that don’t serve us or produce angst and fear, clinging, attachment and the Ego Self. We will also begin to understand the “neuro-plasticity” of the neurons of the brain. Neurons that “fire together wire together” Change is possible. Discussions on how the brain works and processes memory, fear, resilience, rationalization. How our mind states respond to Trauma and how we can recognize the fight or flight sympton's based on these fight or flight responses. How we can develop new skills and awareness to assist sensitivities to stress and trauma.
These are tools that can be taken with you and incorporated into your daily life and for your own ‘yogic’ personal journey. No matter whether you are a seasoned yogi or someone completely new to yoga, each and every one on this retreat will have something to take away.

PLEASE EMAIL MONIQUE synergyyogapilates@gmail.com for more details, Early Bird pricing and REGISTRATION

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