Yoga & Freedive retreat in Paradise

Yoga & Freedive retreat in Paradise

20 Oct 06:00 - 28 Oct 21:30 - Lombok
Yoga Gili Air - Mandalablue Yoga

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If you are seeking a yoga retreat that also gives you an authentic, inspiring and spiritual experience of the ocean then this Yoga and Freediving Paradise Retreat with Mandalablue Yoga may just be for you.

What is Freediving?

Freediving is an underwater activity that happens with the hold of your breath (apnea). A wonderful feeling of being free of the bonds of gravity, free to move in the crystal-clear ocean. This activity is for everyone that can swim and you can learn it in just 2-3 days! From absolute beginners to experienced candidates, everybody is welcome!
Our retreats are designed in a way that allows you to have enough time for yourself to slow down, disconnect and recharge. And also combines groupal activities such as: twice daily yoga and meditation practice, pranayama, and freedive sessions.

Either if you are a certified freediver or just a beginner, this retreat is perfect for you, as we offer the course and activity that suits you best!

A quality of this retreat is that it is friendly and suitable for all budgets and levels: you can choose between 4 types of accommodation:
- Open air dorm
- Queen Villa
- King Villa
- Private Pool Villa

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