Spectrum of Life Yoga Teacher Training

Spectrum of Life Yoga Teacher Training

17 Jul 09:00 - 12:00 - Ubud
Narasoma Retreat

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July - August 2018 in Bali
Intensive residential 200hr TT

Course Delivery
Our course is delivered through a 21 day INTENSIVE + 12 month MENTORING. You can choose to undertake the Intensive and receive YOGA ALLIANCE REGISTRATION. Enrolling for the 12 months of mentoring is a requirement for full membership with Yoga Australia.

If you are looking for a training to allow you to become a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), that will allow you to be welcoming to every member of our community to your classes, to be comfortable setting up classes that widen your customer base and diversify your teaching experiences then this is the one for you!


This course is offered by schools Surya Health-Yoga, Integrative Oncology & Wellness Yoga Space: West Perth, Maylands & Carine and Gecko Yoga.

Your teachers will be Chandrika Gibson & Jenny GeckoSmith

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Course Description

Our training is an innovative and transformative way to become a yoga teacher with full Yoga Australia registration (350-hr Level One) and Yoga Alliance 200-hr registration.

Over 21 days (intensive) you will be immersed in the history, philosophy, anatomy and practice of teaching yoga across the life cycle. Over 12 months (mentoring) you will be supported on your journey to becoming a teacher, developing self-practice and delivering classes to your community through the mentoring program. Our Intensive + Mentoring delivery will enable you to delve deeply into your own practice and flourish as a teacher throughout the spectrum of life’s changes.

Graduates of Spectrum of Life Teacher TrainingTM program are energetic, vibrant teachers passionate about the application of yoga throughout the many changes in life. Our graduates are able to teach all types of students, whether it is women looking for pre conception care, or people at the end of their life. Our graduates understand the journey of life and how yoga can become an integral part of the life cycle.

The program is suitable for students from all yoga traditions looking to radically deepen their understanding of yoga as an applied science, and yoga teachers who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga across the journey of life. We help you connect with what YOU love about yoga, and share that with others – old or young. Our trainees are from diverse backgrounds, ages, cultures and levels of yoga experience.

Take our 21 day intensive and be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance! Also enrol in our online mentoring program and become a Level 1 Member of Yoga Australia. Our curriculum is innovative & supportively designed to serve the needs of students who want high quality training and ongoing mentoring.

Our course encourages a transformational journey, providing a strong foundation for personal and spiritual development and an understanding of how to share the joy of yoga authentically. You will know deeply how to live yoga throughout your own life changes, and support your students through the spectrum of their own life journey.
Our Intensive training is fully registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200 hour level. Our Intensive + Mentoring are registered (together) at the Yoga Australia 350hr Level. Unlike other intensive courses we are now o ering an innovative intensive + online mentoring program to help you get the most out of your training! 200 hour trainings ARE NOT registered at the FULL level with Yoga Australia, they provide only Provisional Membership, and within a 3 year period teachers must upgrade their qualifications to meet the 350 hour level and also find 12 months worth of mentoring in order to become a full member.

This means additional time and money to become a fully qualified teacher! Our training offers ongoing support and flexible delivery to ensure you become the best teacher you can be.
Our training is held in Bali, Hong Kong, Perth and Asia. Trainings in Hong Kong are non residential. Bali trainings are residential.

Commence the journey today and set your own pace with our flexible learning options. Email spectrumoflife@gmail.com to request an application form today.

Enquire to spectrumoflifetraining@gmail.com for PayPal, credit card, payment plan or other currency transactions.

Refunds and Transfers
Course fees are non-refundable but are transferable to future courses, space permitting on compassionate grounds. Please contact your mentor to discuss.

Apply Now
Email spectrumoflifetraining@gmail.com to request an application form.
Send the application form in along with your deposit of AUD500 or HK$3,000 to reserve your space.
There are no prerequisites to join this course.

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